Weekend Moment: A History Lesson

Our family was in Washington DC for a wedding back in 2004 and we were able to spend two days touring the city. Josh was 8 and Julia was 7.

Julia has always enjoyed history and her favorite president is Abraham Lincoln.

She ran ahead of us when we reached the Lincoln Memorial and stood for a long time staring up at the statue:

Then she walked over to the wall where the entire Gettysburg speech is engraved.

And she sat down to read it.

Completely oblivious to the other tourists roaming around, she sat cross-legged, her camera case around her neck, solemn and focused.

When she had finished reading the entire address, Doug went over and sat down beside her  to discover her thoughts.

I captured the moment as they spoke of American history and our tremendous  16th  president.

My girl is still interested in politics. During the 2008 presidential campaign she watched every debate with us and already has her favorites for 2012.

Who knows? Maybe she’ll be on the ticket one day! 🙂



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3 responses to “Weekend Moment: A History Lesson

  1. Su Geiger

    She has my vote!

  2. Jackie

    No doubt she will. My vote is already with her as well!

  3. Destiny

    She’s got my vote, too!

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