I was very blessed to grow up in Pittsburgh, PA.

It is a wonderful place and in this post, I alluded to the fact that it has a language all its own. It is called Pittsburghese.

I never thought I had any kind of accent until the day my friend Heather called me when we were living in Rhode Island and said, “Susan! I just heard a caller on Regis and Kathie Lee and she sounded EXACTLY like you!” It turns out that the caller was from my hometown and she did sound just like me!

If you ever visit, it’s important that you know the language of  the natives…so here goes:

Steelers = “Stillers”

Downtown = “Dahntahn”

If you want your kids to clean up their rooms, you say, “It’s time to ‘redd up’ your room!” (My kids still make fun of me every time I say, “Okay, it’s time to redd up the house!”) 🙂

Speaking of house, it is pronounced “hause.”

Did you eat yet? No, did you? = “JeetJet? Nodju?”

Pittsburgh = “Pixburg”

Soda = “pop”

Giant Eagle (a local grocery store) = “Jynt Igle”

Out = “aht”

Northside = “Norseside”

(This one is for you, Ida Mae) : Iron = “arn”

She makes me say “iron” then collapses into a fit of giggles every time. 🙂

And…my all-time favorite:

You all = “Yinz”

I love my hometown.



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7 responses to “Pittsburghese

  1. Su Geiger

    So funny! Ever since seeing Hairspray my kids like asking me if I left the “arn own” (iron on). Haha! But Susan, I don’t think your accent is nearly as strong as John Travolta’s character in that movie.

  2. Jackie

    Accent? What accent? Susan, I never noticed an accent at all! And I am not from Pixburg. 🙂

    • Jackie,
      By the time you met me, I had been gone from PA for 11 years, so I guess some of the accent had faded. 🙂 It definitely comes out when I’m tired or when I go back for a visit!

  3. Sarah

    Wonderful!!!! Just loved it !!!

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  5. I grew up near Jimmy Stewart’s home town and came to New England 18 years ago with a healthy dose of Pittsburghese. When I go home, folks immediately ask me what part of New England I’m from. When we lived in the Midwest, they did the same thing. When we came back to New England, folks asked me what part of Min-aaah-soooo’ta I’d been livin’ in. So funny!

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