Pizza and Arnold Palmer

I love the way that Jesus answers prayers.

Yesterday, I had a tremendous amount on my mind so despite  the rain, I grabbed my car keys and an umbrella and headed to the high school track to walk.

On the short drive there, I prayed about my situation and I thought about my brother who lives in the same town. He is one of my best friends and has an uncanny ability to make me laugh, no matter what is going on in my life. I really would have liked his company but I thought he was working, so I didn’t bother to call him.

As soon as I pulled into the high school parking lot, my cell phone rang.

It was Jeff.

He actually didn’t have to be at work until 5:00 that afternoon, so he was calling to say hi.

He knew immediately by the tone of my voice that I had a lot on my mind,  so he told me he would join me at the track. Ten minutes later, he was right there.

We walked for 2 miles, umbrellas in hand. He gave me a listening ear,  shared his ideas on the matter, and of  course, he made me laugh.

My spirits were lifted and my burden seemed lighter.

We said goodbye at the track and I went about my day. Then, before he went to work, he arrived at the front door with a mushroom pizza and a can of my favorite drink, Arnold Palmer Half and Half. (half tea, half lemonade…Arnold’s own invention. It’s delicious. Try it).

I felt so loved…not only by my brother but by Jesus.

As wonderful as prayer is, Jesus knows that sometimes we need someone to come alongside us on the rough days.

Yesterday, He sent my brother to me in answer to my prayer.

The pizza and the Arnold Palmer were added bonuses. 🙂



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2 responses to “Pizza and Arnold Palmer

  1. Destiny

    I want a brother — okay, truth is I REALLY ONLY WANT YOUR BROTHER!

    Uncle Jeff, what can I do to convince you to move to the ATL? Nothing? What do you mean you can’t be bought; that you love her ; that you love them…

    You know that I love that you do!


  2. Jeff

    I am flattered and humbled by this story. Thank you Sue and Destiny for the kind words.

    But…what you left out of the story was this….that I was able to share some of MY problems with YOU as well and walking and spending time with you helped ME get through my day as well. Thank you for being a good listener and a sounding board for me to bounce my ideas and problems off of. I truly appreciate it!

    And…if you’ll remember….*I* ended up eating almost ALL of the pizza! =)

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