Oh How The Years Go By

I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning out our homeschooling armoire.

I thought that it would be a fairly quick undertaking, as I had planned just to open a  garbage bag, dump most of the contents inside, and be done with it.

Who was I kidding?

This task ended up taking hours and eventually I was surrounded on the floor by remnants of the past four years. There were postcards from various field trips, some loose photographs,  notebooks filled with writing assignments, careful cursive practice, several strips of Julia’s  self-penned comic strip ” Mousey,”  math worksheets,  meticulously written results from the many science projects done around our kitchen table, some history books from the ‘Beautiful Feet’ curriculum that we all loved.

(Side note: I hated history in school. It was all so boring, simply memorizing dates so I could pass the test. My dad was a major history buff and tried many times to convince me that it was absolutely fascinating.  It wasn’t until I started reading history in story form to my kids through this curriculum that I finally realized how right he was. I learned so much, right along with the kids. So many nights during those years, Doug would come home and I would tell him something I had learned that day. I would ask, “Did you know that??!” And always, he would smile affectionately and say, yes, he had learned that way-back-when in school.) 🙂

When I finally finished clearing everything out, filing what I needed to, getting rid of the garbage  bags, I closed the armoire door…and realized anew that the door to that sweet season has closed.

Soon afterward, I turned on my iPod and was amazed at the Vanessa Williams song that started to play:

Oh how the years go by

Oh how the love brings tears to my eyes

All through the changes, the soul never dies

We fight, we laugh, we cry…as the years go by 

They certainly do.



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6 responses to “Oh How The Years Go By

  1. The Elaine

    And so it is. And a new exciting adventure opens up!!!

  2. Destiny

    I know! The minute D graduated in May, we reclaimed our dining room by giving it a complete overhaul, from top to bottom. For twelve years, the dining room was our school room complete with maps, drawings, chaulkboards, computers, instrument stands, books … so much stuff. We too as THE ELAINE so beautifully notes are on to the next exciting adventure. COLLEGE!

    • Destiny,
      You were my biggest mentor and cheerleader throughout our homeschooling years and I will be forever grateful for that! I know that D. is going to continue to do amazing things as he begins his college career. Boy, did it look strange to me typing that sentence! In my mind, he is still that young boy that visited us in Florida that one Thanksgiving weekend! 🙂

  3. Su Geiger

    It really marks quite a change for you and your kids. God bless you as you open this next chapter. By the way, I got a chuckle out of your “side note” and I’m sure I could learn some history from you (even if Doug didn’t) ~ haha!

    • Hi Su!
      Yes, it is a big adventure but we are looking forward to a new chapter!

      Anything you want to know about history, just ask me! 🙂

      Hope to see you soon!

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