Let Me Count The Ways…

I recently heard Beth Moore recount to her audience all the reasons why she loves Jesus so much.

It was a long list… evidence of a wounded heart that has been touched by the Healer, leaving her transformed, whole, radiant and supremely grateful.

If someone were to ask you to do the same thing, what would you say?

He is everything to me. He fills my life with exquisite beauty and joy.

The story He is writing with my life often takes my breath away, leaving me stunned and full of wonder.

He speaks to me through His Word, giving me guidance, comfort, and precious promises that He invites me to cling to when life gets scary.

He laughs with me (oh yes, you had better believe it…Jesus laughs! I love  those times when I can just feel His smile).

I enjoy seeing His fingerprints and creative genius all around me…the golden sunshine,  the singing of the birds, the delightful & infectious laughter of a child, stars shining like diamonds in the night sky, the sheer power of a storm, the faces of those I love, the churning of the ocean and the peaceful stillness of the lake, the furry face and unconditional love of my dog, the intense bold colors of flowers, the refreshing feel of a summer breeze.

He has lovingly shown me my broken places and has never turned away in disgust. Rather, He invites me to bring them out of the darkness and into His light…and He has—miraculously and wondrously— healed me.

He picks me up when I fall.

He has chosen me to be His bride…wonder of wonders!

He fills me with His courage when I am afraid.

He has taught me that I do not need to hate my weaknesses (and there are so many). Rather, He asks me to embrace Him in the midst of my weakness so that He can show Himself strong and mighty.

I have walked with Him long enough to know that He can redeem and resurrect anything. Nothing—no thing—is impossible with Him.

I read Psalm 103 the other day and was struck by the astonishing and beautiful portrait  the psalmist painted with his words as he described Jesus. :


forgives all my sins

heals me

redeems my life from the pit

crowns me with steadfast love and mercy

satisfies me with good things

renews my energy

works justice on my behalf

 abounds in steadfast love for me

 removes my transgressions as far as the east is from the west

 shows compassion to me 

 knows how fragile I am

  establishes His throne 

 rules over all. 

He is magnificent!

This day, why don’t you try writing out a list of all the things you love about Him?

I promise that it will lead to a day filled with joy and thanksgiving!

He is so worthy!


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