One Thing

“Faith is the daring of the soul to go further than it can see.”—William Newton Clarke

In this post, I alluded to the fact that my family recently experienced a huge answer to our prayers.

My husband’s job was cut in February 2009. I know now why God instructs us to live only one day at a time. If He had told us that it would be 29 months until my husband was offered another full time job in his field, hope and joy would have fled, leaving only despair and despondency.

To us, it would have looked like an absolutely impossible mountain to climb when we compared our meager resources to such a lengthy amount of time.

However…we have a God who specializes in the impossible..and He was about to teach us an unforgettable lesson…one that would change us forever.

I will be writing future posts about the myriad of lessons we learned during this difficult (yet oddly joyful) season,  but for today, I just wanted to focus one one truth…

Your God is—and always will be—faithful to you.

If we are faithless, He remains faithful…(2 Timothy 2:13).

The word faithful in the original language is pistos and it means: “one who is worthy of trust.”

You cannot judge God’s faithfulness to you by your circumstances.

You cannot judge God’s faithfulness to you by your feelings.

You  trust that God is faithful because His Word says that is what He is!

Wherever you are today and whatever your situation is, choose to believe the wondrous truth that God is being faithful to you.

I promise that you will never believe that in vain. He always comes through… rarely in ways that we expect…but ultimately in ways that will delight and thrill our souls.

During this extremely rough season, I listened to Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “Faithful” from his album “Beauty Will Rise”  over and over again. Read the lyrics and be  blessed:

I am broken, I am bleeding, I am scared and I’m confused
But You are faithful; Yes, You are faithful
I am weary, unbelieving, Lord please help my unbelief!
Cause You are faithful, yes, You are faithful

I will proclaim it to the world; I will declare it to my heart
And sing it when the sun is shining…I will scream it in the dark

You are faithful, You are faithful!
When You give, when You take away
Even then, still Your Name is Faithful
Yes, You are faithful
And with everything inside of me, I am choosing to believe
You are faithful

I am waiting for the rescue that I know is sure to come
Cause You are faithful; yes, You are faithful
I’ve dropped anchor in Your promises and I am holding on
Cause You are faithful; yes, You are faithful

So faithful…

Though I cannot have the answers I am wanting to demand
I’ll remember You are God and everything is in Your hand
In Your hands You hold the sun, the moon, the stars up in the sky
For the sake of love, You hung Your own Son on the cross to die

You are faithful, yes, You are faithful
When You give and when You take away
Even then, great is Your faithfulness!
Great is Your faithfulness!

You’re faithful…so faithful…”

Be honest with Him. Tell Him how much it hurts and how bad it looks to you. Then find some verses that speak specifically about the fact of God’s faithfulness to you and hang onto them with all the strength you possess.

Then (and this is the hard part, but the payoff is enormous)…wait and watch what He does.

You will be amazed.



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3 responses to “One Thing

  1. Amazing grace… how sweet the sound!!!!!! TY Susan 🙂

  2. fae

    Exactly the encouragement I could use today!! As I mentioned previously, my husband will be out of a job in October. I am anxious about “how hard” the upcoming time will be but at the same time, I want to believe that no matter what, it will be an adventurous, thrilling and joy-filled time! Your post helps me to believe that is possible.

    You talk a lot about how thrilling the ride with Jesus can be and I think I have barely scratched the surface of that truth. I can honestly say I WANT to go deeper. Not sure I’m necessarily “ready” — but isn’t not being ready half the reason it’s so thrilling?? 😉

    I am really looking forward to your future writings. I strongly suspect that God is aligning our lives in this way to prepare my little family for The Adventure Ahead. 🙂

  3. Destiny

    A perfectly timed post; watching and waiting… ox, Destiny

    We continue to give thanks and worship our precious and faithful Lord Jesus Christ for His perfect answer to our prayers on your behalf. HE IS GOOD!

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