Weekend in Vermont

My family is entering a new season.

For the next six months, my husband will be consulting with a company in Vermont, which means that we will see him mainly on the weekends.

This past Friday, we all traveled to our new home-away-from-home to explore.

Vermont is a lovely, charming state.

I absolutely loved the name of this bakery…

Unfortunately, they had already closed for the day.

There was, however, a woman in the window expertly frosting a cake.  She was so intent on her task that she didn’t even notice us.

I wondered if she was one of the crazy Russian girls?  Wouldn’t you love to know the story behind that name?

I definitely intend to go back the next time I’m in town.

Now, this is just wrong:

Red Sox and Yankees fans simply cannot co-exist in the same space. Every New-Englander knows that.

Vermont Country Store is a huge attraction for people all over the country.

Walking through those doors is like taking a step back into time. They carry products that bring back so many memories and nostalgia wrapped itself around me like a warm blanket.

My brother and I had every one of these toys when we were little kids:

Fragrances from yesteryear abound…

Wind Song…L’Air Du Temps…Jean Nate…Anais Anais…Tabu…Wild Musk by Coty (that was a particular favorite of my friends and I were in middle school. It made us feel oh-so-sophisticated).

There was penny candy galore…

We all cracked a grin at one little boy whose eyes widened as big as saucers at the unbelievable good fortune of finding pixie sticks at such a bargain. He literally yelled, “I’m going to get a hundred of these! One! Two! Three! Four!…”  He kept losing count and began to get frustrated, eventually causing his mother to just grab a handful and steer him toward the cashier. 🙂

Now that is an attention-grabbing book title:

Yes please…

After leaving the store, we discovered a year-round Christmas shop across the street:

I liked this “junk food tree”…it spoke to me 🙂

For the rest of that sunny August day, I could not get Christmas carols out of my head!

Above all, the weekend was about family and enjoying being together…

In the weeks to come, we plan to explore all that Vermont has to offer. If you have spent time in Vermont, we would welcome any suggestions!

I can hardly wait to see what God has in store for us during this new season!


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