Changing Seasons

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Last May, I drove away from the homeschooling co-op my kids and I have been involved in for the past four years with tears streaming down my face.

That place and those people had been such a huge part of our lives. The wonderful memories came flooding into my mind, one right after the other. It was so hard to imagine what life would look like in the new season God was calling us into.There were so many unknowns.

We tend to be thrilled when we leave a rough season of heartache or heavy testing.

Yet, it can be so hard to leave a sweet season that you thought was going to last longer.

I have learned to trust the wisdom and the timing of the One who guides my life.

Today, I marvel at the amazing surprises,  new adventures, gloriously answered prayer and filled-to-overflowing  joy  that Jesus had for our family since we clasped tightly to His hand and agreed to go along for the divine ride He had invited us to take.

This day marks the beginning of classes at the homeschooling co-op. Last May, I imagined that I would greet this day with tears, but that is not the case.

I treasure the friendships the kids and I have made there and know that they will continue. (My mom still keeps in touch with friends she has had since kindergarten. She has taught me well).

But it was time for us to move on and I am at peace.

If Jesus is calling you to a new season, don’t be afraid.

Treasure the joys of the season you are leaving behind while looking up and reaching out in anticipation to all that He has in store for you.

He knows what He is doing.

After all, He is the Author of your story…and it will be good.

“When responding to God’s direction, the bitterness of a heartbreaking goodbye can’t be compared to the sweetness of a divine hello. It is worth whatever you’re still clinging to.”—Kelly Minter, No Other Gods, p. 188



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5 responses to “Changing Seasons

  1. Su Geiger

    Thank you Susan, I will keep this in mind as the triplets head off to college next fall. I’m so glad you are able to see this “new day” of yours with joy and not with tears. 🙂

  2. The Elaine

    It is amazing how one can lose something so cherished and treasured and then as God works out His plan, the next season is just as cherished and treasured!

  3. Destiny

    A sweet reminder for us to fully enjoy and particpate in every season, they are not to be taken for granted…

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