Time To Dance

Photo credit: DancingWithTheStarsFanClub

I will admit that I love to watch “Dancing With The Stars.”

I have two left feet and no rhythm whatsoever, so I am fascinated by the graceful movements of dancers.

While I was watching the results show tonight, I caught a backstage moment between one couple. The woman (who was the amateur) was anxiously looking out at the crowd as she waited to perform. Her partner (the professional) came up behind her and called her name. She didn’t even hear him as her eyes continued to search all those faces, which caused her to look even more nervous.

Her partner once again called her name and she dragged her eyes away from the crowd and turned to look into his face.

Looking intently at her, he said authoritatively, “They don’t exist. It’s just us out there. Concentrate on me.”

She took a deep breath and nodded before taking his hand and allowing him to lead her onto the dance floor. She did as he asked and they gave a lovely performance. He led, she followed, and the result was a delightful dance that was a joy to watch.

I could not help but think of how often I have found myself in the same position as that amateur dancer. There have been many times when I know that Jesus wants to lead me out onto the dance floor, so to speak, but I am way too focused on others. What will they think? What will they say? What if I fall down? What if I look ridiculous? Why didn’t He ask So-and-So to join Him in this particular dance? She’s much prettier, smarter, talented, (fill in the blank with another adjective) than I am!

Sometimes He has to call my name a second time before I will allow His voice to break through all the “noise” and choose to focus exclusively on Him.

I have a choice: I can accept His invitation to join Him in a divine dance and let Him lead me into a new exhilarating adventure as I keep my eyes firmly fixed on Him…OR I can choose to allow myself to be overcome with fear of the faces of those who will watch…and remain on the sidelines. Unfulfilled. Scared. Lonely. Sad. Full of fear.

Is Jesus calling you out onto the dance floor today?

If you are hesitating, why?

True, abundant, and joyous life is never found on the sidelines or in the shadows.

Accept His invitation.

It’s just the two of you out there. Concentrate on Him.

There is a time to dance…” (Ecclesiastes 3:4)


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  1. Destiny

    Love, love — dance with my Father…

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