Celebrating LIFE!

Last night, my home was filled with dozens of women celebrating a very special lady…and a powerful and merciful God.

T. turned 50 on Sunday. Rather than dread or bemoan this birthday, she met it with joy and gratitude…because at one point, she didn’t know if she would live to ever see that milestone.

Eight years ago, T. was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The doctor was starkly honest: the odds of her survival were extremely slim. Her only option was an experimental treatment that would practically kill her before (if) it healed her.

What followed was a grueling treatment, as well as a time of  unparalleled intimacy with Jesus.

T. is one of most humble women I know. She made it clear that she did not want the focus of this party to be her.  Rather, she wished to have the spotlight shine brightly  on her Savior and what He has done. Her entire life points to Him so last night was no different.

At one point in the evening, she blessed all of us with a few words of encouragement. She spoke of a tender Savior who speaks personally and intimately to our hearts from  the pages of His  precious Word.

She spoke of the sheer joy of a life lived in full surrender and total dependence upon Him.

She spoke of a refreshing humility that is borne of adversity and loosens the confining shackles of self and the illusion of control over one’s destiny.

She spoke of a deep desire to spend the rest of her days bringing glory to the One who healed her body of cancer…but more importantly saved and redeemed her soul.

She spoke of a Savior who breathes hope into every circumstance, no matter how dire.

T. makes me want to press on to know Jesus better. She radiates His beauty and His peace.

The entire evening was filled with love, sweet fellowship, good food, lots of laughter and even some silliness… Bob the Banana did make an appearance. Because really…what says, “Happy 50th birthday!” like a 6 foot tall velvet banana?!

And all the while, I felt the smile of Christ who is the Author of Joy and delights in His people.

Happy birthday, sweet T. You are loved!


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  1. Ms. T has every reason to celebrate her 50th birthday. She is a woman of courage, of love and faith. her relationship with God is admirable and serves an an inspiration. So many beautiful words in the post my friend and that can only come from a person with love and compassion in her heart.
    “She spoke of the sheer joy of a life lived in full surrender and total dependence upon Him.” We all need to be reminded that we are all connected to God and that he does miracles everyday. He is a God that hears and truly cares. Have a wonderful weekend my friend and best wishes to your family.

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