The First Snow Of The Season

I have lived in New England a long time.

I do not remember ever having snow before Halloween.

Until today.

The rain turned to snow around 6:30 this evening. My daughter immediately began cheering and ran outside, spinning in joyful circles around the driveway, arms outstretched, face upturned.

What happened next would surprise those who know me and my typical less-than-enthusiastic greeting of the winter season: I went outside and joined her. 🙂

This would not have happened in the past before I read Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts.

That book has truly been life-changing for me. I have learned to treasure each moment I have been given, both big and small. My life has become a river of thanksgiving to my beautiful God and the result has been overflowing  joy.

So, rather than stay inside and bemoan this early start to our snowy season, I decided to embrace it and soak in this moment with my daughter.

My son joined us and the three of us took a walk around the neighborhood. The night was still and silent, as it always seems to be during a snowfall. Our neighbors’ windows glowed bright and warm.  The air was crisp, fresh and clean. I inhaled deeply and could not stop smiling. All three of us turned our faces up to the snow, feeling  the big flakes fall gently onto our faces.

It was so good to be here, in this place that I love with my two favorite redheads, laughing and enjoying our first taste of winter.

This was so much better than sitting inside.

One member of our family refused to join in on the fun…

Buddy was born in south Florida and I don’t think he ever got over moving this far north. In fact, I think he holds a grudge.

He was quite the curmudgeon when he saw the snow. From the comfort of the doorway, he gave a quick sniff, looked disdainfully at me as I urged him to come outside, then promptly turned away, retreating to the comfort of his  favorite spot near the fireplace.

Long after Josh and I had gone inside, my girl was still enjoying the first taste of winter…

The only thing that finally brought her back inside was her daddy coming home.

After greeting him, she promptly began listening to “Let It Snow”  on her laptop and played it a few million times.

As is typical of New England weather, tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and clear, near fifty degrees.

But for now, my family and I are watching “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” while the snow continues to fall.



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2 responses to “The First Snow Of The Season

  1. Su

    Looking at the joyful photos of your beautiful Julia, I think you would’ve enjoyed the time with her & Josh even if you hadn’t read One Thousand Gifts (but that’s just my unsolicited opinion~ ha!). It truly is a special, magical creation of God ~ just look outside this morning! Unlike Buddy, I’m a Florida transplant who loves the snow. Thanks for being willing to join us Susan and try to love it, too!

    • Thank you Su! 🙂 Yes, snow is certainly beautiful! And it’s a good thing you love snow so much because we are supposed to get an early nor’easter tomorrow night!

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