Great Expectations

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Last week, I was disappointed when something I had hoped would happen did not.

I had it all laid out in my mind…this would happen, then this, then this, etc. It all seemed so simple and logical! My friend Dianne calls that “writing the rest of the story” yourself, rather than waiting to see what Jesus writes.

Yet…it didn’t happen like that at all.

He did not say no…but He did say, “Not quite yet. You must wait to see what I have for you. Trust Me.”

The fact that I felt so disappointed was a red flag to me because it meant that I was trying to find comfort in my plan, in what I could see and understand with my very limited vision.  It was also an invitation from Jesus to draw close, pour out my heart and my fears to Him, and to listen.

It turned out that He spoke to me yesterday through a sweet lady in our Moms-In-Touch prayer meeting. During our prayer time, she quoted this verse: “And now Lord, what do I wait for and expect? My hope and expectation are in You.” (Psalm 39:7)

Did you catch that? Our hope and our expectation are in HIM.

Not in money.

Not in other people.

Not in our ability.

Not in our plans for our lives.

Not in favorable circumstances.

Simply in Him….the God-Man who loves us perfectly and knows what He is doing at all times.

The words that Jesus used to call His followers when He walked this earth over 2000 years ago are the same ones He uses today: “Follow Me.”

Knowing His unconditional love, His breath-taking faithfulness, His matchless beauty, and His incredible sense of adventure, I will continue to follow Him…wherever He leads me, knowing that His plan is perfect.

My expectation is in Him.


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One response to “Great Expectations

  1. Therese

    Thank you, my dear Susan, for this reminder. Encouraged by the reminder that it is all about our Lord!

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