Sowing Light and Joy

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Yesterday morning, I read Psalm 97 and was intrigued by this verse: “Light is sown for the (uncompromisingly) righteous and strewn along their pathway, and joy for the upright in heart (the irrepressible joy which comes from consciousness of  His favor and protection).–Ps. 97:11 (Amplified)

I love this!

This is a conditional statement, promised not to those who are perfect (which is impossible this side of eternity) but to those whose hearts are wholly devoted to Jesus.

It makes sense that Jesus would sow light and joy into our lives because He IS Light and Joy!

I am the Light of the world.—John 8:12

…God has set You above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy. —Hebrews  1:9

It made me picture Jesus smiling in delight at me when I wake up in the morning, anticipating my discovery of all the light and joy He has sown along my path for me to discover that day.

Living like that truly would make everyday a treasure hunt of His grace and love.

This is what that looked like for me on a recent day:

He treated me to a sight of the winter sun setting over the mountains

I was filled with sweet memories of Christmases past while bringing out the decorations for another season…

There was dinner with my family at one of our very favorite restaurants…

Afterward we spent the evening enjoying the state’s Philharmonic Holiday Pops show…

As I listened to the lovely music, I found myself wondering what music is going to sound like in Heaven. If it is so glorious here, imagine what it will be like there! Music is such a gift.

On the drive home, we talked and laughed while the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack played in the background.

Nothing earth-shattering happened that day. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary…yet it was beautiful.

Jesus had opened my eyes to see how much light and joy He had sown into that day.

He is willing to that every day. Psalm 97 says so.

Will I have eyes to see?

Will you?


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  1. ~marg~

    Beautiful, Susan!

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