Christmas Vacation: Day 3

Our third day in the city began early. The day dawned bright, clear and reasonably warm. We could not have asked for better weather for sightseeing!

Our first stop was Lincoln Center in the Upper West Side, as we had tickets to observe the New York Philharmonic rehearse Handel’s Messiah.

We chose to sit in the box seats where Josh had a good view of the principle oboist, Liang Wang.

Josh was in his element. He is passionate about playing the oboe and I loved watching him experience what it is like to be part of one of the best orchestras in the world.

Who knows? Maybe someday Doug and I will be in the audience watching Josh up on that stage. 🙂

The music was so thrilling,  beautiful, and enchanting . It was easy to forget that outside that elegant concert hall was a bustling, crowded city in the thick of rush hour. It was such a lovely way to begin our day.

As we left Lincoln Center, we heard and saw a lot of commotion. There were bright lights and cameras everywhere. Apparently, the cast of the daytime talk show “The Talk” had just finished filming and were being interviewed.

I raised my camera and just started snapping photos.

Here you can see actress Sara Gilbert (from the “Roseanne” show) and half of Sharon Osbourne’s face. 🙂

Suddenly, it seemed as if Sara spotted me…

Hi Sara! I’ve never seen The Talk but I used to watch you on Roseanne!

Is it just me or does she look slightly alarmed?

Moving on…

I’ve always heard that people are TV are prettier in person. (Why is that?). In any event, that was certainly true in this case.  Sharon Osbourne has the most gorgeous skin. Both ladies are quite lovely (and extremely tiny!).

After our brush with stardom, we decided to take a carriage ride around Central Park.

Since we were near Central Park, we had to stop in at the Plaza…

Then we saw this in a store window nearby:

These are wedding gowns. Can you imagine?!

The dresses were so ugly that I didn’t even notice the fact that there were birds on the heads of the mannequins.

Wow…we’re not in New Hampshire anymore.

One of my kids’ very favorite places was  a candy store called Dylan’s Candy Bar, which was founded by Ralph Lauren’s daughter Dylan…

This sign says it all. This is Josh and Julia’s idea of heaven on earth:

Mosaic of Dylan Lauren, owner

For the evening’s entertainment, we went to see “Sister Act” on Broadway.

Every time I see a Broadway show, I am absolutely blown away by the talent of these actors, singers, and dancers. Tonight was no different.

After the show, we went to Lindy’s for dinner.

(We really did feel like New Yorkers because we were eating dinner at 10:00 at night! 🙂 ).

What happened next still amazes me.

Josh ordered a breakfast item from the menu.

Our waiter shook his head and said, “No. You have to pick something else. That is too small for you. I will bring you the chocolate chip pancakes instead.”

That was it.

No discussion. No opportunity for protest.

He just turned on his heel and left our table to deliver our order.

Josh turned to me and said, “What just happened?”

I said, “Surely he is joking. He IS going to bring Josh what he ordered, isn’t he?”

The answer was no. He brought Josh the chocolate chip pancakes and told him he was going to like it.

As my grandmother would have said, “Well, I never!”

Live and learn, I guess!

Tomorrow we are headed to Greenwich Village and Chinatown.

I love New York!!!



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2 responses to “Christmas Vacation: Day 3

  1. ~marg~

    Regarding the experience with Josh: You weren’t approached by any Candid Camera crew or anything like that? :o[ Bizarre.

    I keep hoping to hear that you get into the “Cash Cab”. :o)

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