Sun Mountain

It is school vacation week in New Hampshire so the kids, my brother Jeff, our dog Buddy, and I loaded up the SUV and headed over to Vermont to spend a couple of days with my husband.

Since he works there during the week, it was a special treat to be able to spend some extra time with him and we were all excited about the trip.

Fortunately, a ski resort is close by and Jeff and Julia were looking forward to hitting the slopes.

(Josh was getting over being sick so he stayed at the condo with Buddy to work on the rewrite of his first novel. By the time we returned that afternoon, he had written 10,000 words.).

If only our son had some drive and ambition. 🙂

At any rate, Doug took the day off from work so that we could spend the day together at the resort. It was a gloriously sunny and clear winter day.

Doug and I were happy to get comfortable in the lodge.

Our skiing days are long over, the result of a bad back (me) and a bad knee (him). However, we treasured this opportunity to be together and share in the happiness and excitement of the passionate skiers in the family.

We planned our upcoming anniversary trip to northern California.

We talked and we laughed.

We people-watched, which is one of our very favorite pastimes.

After twenty years of marriage, he is still my very best friend. He is the one who challenges me, intrigues me, and motivates me to be all that I can be.

When Jeff and Julia joined us inside for lunch, Jeff said, “You two must be so bored just hanging out in the lodge all day.”

Bored? Not for a minute. On the contrary, I reveled in the gift of time we had been given to be together.

After lunch, I took the opportunity to head outside with my camera to capture the dazzling winter day…

The bunny slope

Ski patrol

Interesting combination...

My brother was kind enough to text me when he and Julia were reaching the bottom of the slope so that I could position myself to take some action shots…

He also related a funny story.

At one point, he and Julia were taking a break halfway down a challenging trail.

A ski instructor skied up to them and said, “Hey, how’s it going?”

Jeff and Julia greeted him and agreed when he commented on the fact that it was a beautiful day.

Ski instructor: “So are you having fun?”

Jeff: “We’re having a great time!”

Ski instructor: “So, are you the dad?”

Jeff (slightly confused): “No, I’m the uncle.”

Ski instructor: “That’s great!  So, Colin, are you ready to get going again?”


Jeff: “This isn’t Colin. This is my niece, Julia.”

Ski instructor (eyes bugging out of his head in disbelief as he removed his goggles to closely examine Julia): “WHERE’S COLIN???? THE TWO OF YOU ARE DRESSED EXACTLY ALIKE!” The goggles were replaced and he skied away, yelling, “COLIN? COLIN????”


Julia: Why did he think that I am a BOY?”

I wonder if Colin got a refund because his ski instructor lost him on the mountain?

After a long, fun day of skiing, it was time to call it a day.

Doug and Julia

One last look at the mountain…

When we arrived  back home yesterday afternoon, I logged onto Facebook and saw a wonderful video that my cousin Jonathan had posted about our cousin David. As music played in the background, I watched as one photo melted into another, capturing joyful moments from a life now over.

Tears and smiles, all at once. And a reminder to make the most of my days.

Life is lived in moments that we can string together like jewels on a necklace.

Treasure your moments today.



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2 responses to “Sun Mountain

  1. The Elaine

    Treasure, just treasure each other, always. Hope they have found Colin. ;o)

  2. Destiny

    How fun! We grew up skiing Bromley in the winter and riding the alpine slide in the summer – such sweet memories…

    I hope Colin doesn’t have abandonment issues because this could really set him back emotionally…hehe!

    It might help Julia to know that I could easily be mistaken for Santa if I was caught on the slops in full skil regalia.

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