A Morning On The Lake

The kids and I gave my husband Doug a kayak for his birthday in April.

He has wanted one for as long as I have known him and since we are surrounded by various lakes, all within a few minutes drive from our home, this was the year for his dream to come true.

We have had an unusually rainy spring so far, so when the weatherman predicted that today would be a sunny day in the 70s, we decided to take the kayak out on its maiden voyage.

There was literally no one out on the lake when we set out early in the morning. The water was smooth as glass. It was so quiet that we could hear all of the birds singing. The sun was warm on our skin and a small breeze gently wafted across our faces as we made our way deeper into the lake.

I should clarify that point by saying that it was Doug who was doing all the work. He was quite happy to let me take photos and enjoy the ride.

When I glanced back at him, he looked like a little kid on Christmas morning. Sheer joy and a huge grin. I loved it.

However, when I turned around to face the lake, I was horrified to see a big nasty black spider skittering quickly toward my feet.

Just like that, the morning stillness was shattered by my screams.

hate insects of any kind, but especially spiders.

And a big spider that is crawling around when I am in an enclosed space where there is the distinct possibility that it could actually touch my skin is a horrendous nightmare for me.

You can clearly see my dilemma.

I am such a girl.

Doug tried fruitlessly to calm me down as I shrieked and stomped at the same time, trying to kill the interloper. With my fear of bugs, I could not believe that I hadn’t thought to check to make sure my part of the kayak was insect-free before heading out into the open water where there was no escape.

“Don’t tip us over!” he finally said in an elevated voice, tinged with panic as I continue to flail around in my efforts to end the spider’s life.

After what seemed like several minutes (but was actually a matter of seconds), the thing finally stopped moving and I was able to relax…about 20 minutes later when my heart rate returned to normal.

I was tempted to keep a laser-like focus on the area around my feet to ensure a quick death to any other insect that may be hovering in the nether-regions of the kayak but when I looked at all the beauty around me, I realized how ridiculous that would be.

With determination, I raised my gaze and drank in all the sights and sounds around me, refusing to let the spider mar such a perfect day.

Doug was definitely on board with this plan, as he was able to once again enjoy his kayak’s maiden voyage in peace.

For the rest of our trip, we shard some great conversation as well as comfortable silences, marveling once again that we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

Our time on the lake seemed to end much too soon.

We can hardly wait to  get back out there.

What about you? Do you live near a body of water and what water sports do you intend to enjoy this summer?



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2 responses to “A Morning On The Lake

  1. ~marg~

    I share your phobia of spiders! I have been known to break out sobbing after an encounter with one! :o[ Head-wise, I realize the foolishness of it. But I can’t for the life of me get the rest of me to realize it!

    In the middle of reading your post, I thought for sure you were going to draw a spiritual application from it. Something along the lines of: We need to force our eyes off of our ugly circumstances and gaze upon the beauty of God or we’ll miss out…

    Yes, I live near a body of water. Our little “lake” which is actually a pond is looking more and more like a pond every year. In years past, I would snorkel in it, float on it and even swim in it. But I am not sure there is enough open space in it this year to do those things. :o( We have a canoe and paddle boat, too. I’m not sure the paddle boat will work on it, but we can always still use the canoe. (Which I always have my husband de-spiderfy before I get in!) :o)

    • I’m glad I’m not alone in my fear of bugs, Margaret! 🙂 And yes, that would have been a good spiritual parallel to make because it’s true. Enjoy your pond!

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