These past couple of weeks have been full of blessings in my life.

Nothing particularly momentous, nothing extraordinary. Just life lived in the golden sunshine of late summer/early fall. God’s myriad of graces, filling my heart and my senses until thankfulness and gratitude overflow into a stream of continuous praise to the great and magnificent God who gives life in all its fullness.

There was a hike through the woods and up into the clouds to reveal a beautiful view…

My kids

My brother

followed by a hearty breakfast by the lake…

That morning/afternoon, we  experienced the joy of living in a country where food is readily accessible and plentiful; where the precious gift of freedom is celebrated; where laughter rings loud and long as my family gathers around a meal.


There have been opportunities for lunches with friends old and new.

The view from lunch

…times of sharing and laughter, where masks were removed and the hope that Christ brings was celebrated.  I give thanks for the precious gift of friends who continue to inspire me to keep running my race with my focus on Him.

(One of my friends gave me the new nickname of Sparkles , after I told her that a sweet little girl I met last week said to me, “You are so SPARKLY!” in response to all my jewelry. 🙂 ). I will happily answer to that.

It is sparkles, I love it.


My husband and I had the joy of listening to our son play with our church’s worship team at a women’s retreat this past weekend.

When he was 12, he attended this same camp with his buddies. Now, at 16, he was returning as a musician to serve others with the gift that  God has given him.

“This place is so much….smaller than I remember it,” he said, as he pulled his instruments from the car, his eyes sweeping the area, full of memories.  Then he disappeared into the hall to prepare to play.

My little boy is growing up.


I have enjoyed long conversations with my mom, made all the more sweet because of her recent hospitalization.

…a fresh reminder that life is fragile and tomorrow is never promised.


Our family became small business owners a few weeks ago…a new season, a new beginning, God’s wonderful, unexpected surprise!

Jeff (who can never keep his eyes open in photos!) and Doug (with Buddy looking on) on our closing day.

Behold, I am doing a new thing…(Isaiah 43:18).


What are your blessings? Be sure to count them.

They are His gifts to you.

They add up…and make any life rich with wonder and joy.

The grace (the unmerited favor and blessings) of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah) be with you all. Amen. —I Thess. 5:28



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4 responses to “Blessings

  1. Su Geiger

    I love this! And Susan, you are a blessing of great worth to all who know you! ~Su 🙂

  2. Lisa

    Receiving this post in my inbox this morning? A blessing, through and through! Thank you, Susan!

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