He Goes Before You

When He has brought out all His own, He goes on ahead of them.—(John 10:4).

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A new year is always exciting.

There is something about opening a brand new calendar and seeing all those little blank squares that always give me a such a sense of anticipation about all the opportunities and new adventures that lie ahead.

Yet, this excitement is inevitably accompanied by the icy whisper of fear, as I remember past years when what began with happy expectancy morphed into heartbreak as the days unfolded.

The above verse speaks directly to every such fear.

Jesus is not limited to time. He exists outside of time. Time is His creation. He sees the end from the beginning. He knew all things before He even created the world.

For it was in Him that all things were created, in heaven and on earth, things seen and things unseen…all things were created and exist through Him…And He Himself existed before all things and in Him all things are held together. ..all the divine fullness (the sum total of the divine perfection, powers, and attributes) dwell in Him permanently. (Colossians 1:16,17, 19).

One of my favorite devotionals is Streams In the Desert by L.B. Cowman. Today’s entry was very reassuring if the beginning of this new year finds you full of fear and trepidation about what is to come:

“Take heart!…Whatever awaits us is encountered first by Him, and the eye of faith can always discern His majestic presence out in front….Comfort your heart with the fact that the Savior has Himself experienced all the trials He asks you to endure; He would not ask you to pass through them unless He was sure the paths were not too difficult or strenuous for you. This is the blessed life…quietly following the Shepherd, one step at a time.

Dangers are near and fears my mind are shaking;
Heart seems to dread what life may hold in store;
But I am His—He knows the way I’m taking,
More blessed even still—HE GOES BEFORE!

Doubts cast their weird, unwelcome shadows o’er me,
Doubts that life’s best—life’s choicest things are o’er;
What but His Word can strengthen, can restore me,
And this blest fact; that still HE GOES BEFORE.

HE GOES BEFORE! Be this my consolation!
He goes before! On this my heart would dwell!
He goes before! This guarantees salvation!
HE GOES BEFORE! And therefore all is well.

The (ancient) shepherd always walked ahead of his sheep. He was always out in front. Any attack upon the sheep had to take him into account first. Now God is out in front. He is in our tomorrows and it is tomorrow that fills people with fear. Yet God is already there.  All the tomorrows of our life have to pass through Him before they can get to us.

God is in every tomorrow,
Therefore I live for today,
Certain of finding at sunrise,
Guidance and strength for my way;
Power for each moment of weakness,
Hope for each moment of pain,
Comfort for every sorrow,
Sunshine and joy after rain. —F. B. Meyer

So if today finds you full of fears about what 2013 holds…please take comfort in knowing that Jesus holds the days ahead…and YOU…in His strong, powerful, and loving hands.

If you belong to Him, you are safe ALL of your days.

Never forget that He goes before you. Your unknown tomorrows are known by Him.

Take one day, one step at a time.

There is nothing to fear.


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