Friday Photos: Nordic Meet

Nordic and Play-0443-1

Our daughter Julia decided to try Nordic skiing this year, which I wrote about here.

The team is a close-knit one. They work hard, laugh a lot, and cheer each other on at every meet. They are great kids.

The first meet we attended was in the White Mountains and it was a bitterly cold 13 degrees. The second meet was a  comparatively balmy 32! 🙂

I hope you will enjoy the sights and colors of winter fun in New England.

Nordic and Play-0017-1

Nordic and Play-0037-1

Nordic and Play-0110-1

Nordic and Play-0155-117

Nordic and Play-0222-1

Nordic and Play-0271-1

Nordic and Play-0376-1

Nordic and Play-0473-1

Nordic and Play-0486-1

Nordic and Play-0594-1

Nordic and Play-0614-1

Nordic and Play-0597-1

Nordic and Play-0554-1










Skiing is a dance and the mountain always leads.”—Author Unknown

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