Friday Photos: A Day In The White Mountains

Great Glen Meet-0532-1This past Thursday morning, my husband and I headed into the White Mountains bright and early to watch our daughter and her high school team compete in the state Nordic skiing competition. The meet started at 10 a.m. so we got an early start. The kids were competing in the shadow of the mountains and they were on glorious display… Great Glen Meet-0023-1

Great Glen Meet-0524-1It was a beautiful day for the competition: high 30’s and bright sunshine. We watched our daughter compete in the morning race, then headed into town for lunch and a little sightseeing before the afternoon races.

The first stop was  a delicious lunch at the Muddy Moose. Love the name, love the food.

Great Glen Meet-0489-1A must-see in the town of North Conway is Zeb’s Country Store.

Great Glen Meet-0492-1
Great Glen Meet-0501-1
Great Glen Meet-0500-1
Great Glen Meet-0498-1
Great Glen Meet-0503-1
Great Glen Meet-0518-1A quick run into the local McDonald’s demonstrated that we were in a big ski town. 🙂

Great Glen Meet-0001-1
Great Glen Meet-0002-1One of the things I love most about living in New England is the charm of the covered bridges that dot the landscape.

Great Glen Meet-0004-1Since the town of Jackson attracts skiers, all of the wreaths were decorated with tiny skis. Nice touch.

Great Glen Meet-0006-1I thought the library echoed the charm of the town. You can’t see it in this photo, but there were cross country skiers slicing through the snow all around the library.

Great Glen Meet-0783-1This cute little store was calling my name to come in and browse but we had to get back for the start of the afternoon races.

Great Glen Meet-0779-1
Great Glen Meet-0778-1
Great Glen Meet-0781-1We returned to the meet just in time to see our daughter race.  The entire team did a super job at the state finals. It was the icing on the cake of a wonderful day.

We are so blessed to live in this beautiful place!

I see ye towering—Genii of the North!
I see ye stand, the monuments of time,
Clad in the dread sublimity of years.
Well do I know ye by the frosty robe,
God’s drapery, that wraps your giant forms.
—–William B. Tappan


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