Things Left Unsaid

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The letter had been written, typed, and carefully packed into the luggage.

A heart spilled  out onto the page, sharing things that were easier to say with keyboard than with voice.

However, the man for whom the letter was intended would never read it.

His time on earth ended abruptly and he entered eternity just hours before his son would board a plane for a visit with him.

There would be no opportunity to say goodbye, to find closure, to discover what his father had wanted to say when he requested his son’s presence at his bedside.

Things will forever remain unsaid between them.

This is a tragedy.

So much time wasted.

Why do we continue to presume that we have days, months, years?

We have today. This moment. That’s it.

Take stock.

Is there anything left unsaid between you and a loved one?

Say them. Write them. Do whatever you have to do but make it right. (As far as it depends on you).

Let go of the small stuff that tends to accumulate in a heart and looms larger than it ever ought to be.

Humble yourself.

Choose love.

Seek peace.

Forgive…and  watch the self-imposed prison bars in your heart swing wide open to life and light.

In light of eternity, we are here on this spinning ball for but a moment.

Live and love with all your might.

“The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”—Harriet Beecher Stowe



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4 responses to “Things Left Unsaid

  1. Well said Susan and truer words are hardly ever spoken! March 22nd my brother and I lost our Mom. We’re both grown adults, Mom was 87.
    Though Mom’s passing was not unexpected, because she had developed some serious infections after a hip replacement that weren’t responding to antibiotics, the fact remains that there could have been words left unsaid and amends never made.
    I owe all praise and thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father that this was not the case for Mom and me… Jesus filled me with the strength and courage to humble myself and make amends for lots of “small stuff” that had accumulated between us over the years.
    I did indeed humble myself and chose love. I find it very hard to put into words the healing and serenity that I am blessed with today because I chose the higher road… the road that Jesus prepared for me from the time He created me in Mom’s womb.
    Mom and I had some good cleansing times during the two months prior to her death. I was able to own my part in hard feelings that had developed over the years as a result of my own pride and arrogance. Jesus taught me in a very life-changing way that it IS more important to seek to love than to be loved. What I discovered through choosing to “live love” with Mom is that in seeking to love, I received profound indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit that has opened me up to receive more and more of Him. I am NOT the same Claudia that I was three months ago.
    My relationship with my brother is also changing and growing. We are communicating on a deeper level and we are learning more and more about each other as we are working together to tie up Mom’s affairs and clean out her house.
    Mom’s death revealed to me just how much I take for granted on a daily basis and it opened my eyes to how much I was missing of God’s kingdom here on earth. I too encourage any who read your blog to forgive. The bountiful blessings of God await as we follow the example of our Lord and Savior and choose LOVE!

    • That was SO beautifully said, Claudia! I am sorry for the loss of your mom but how wonderful that you answered Jesus’ invitation to take the high road, humble yourself, and do what needed to be done! You are an inspiration and a testimony that His ways truly are best…because it leads to more of HIM…who is our greatest Treasure. Thank you so much for sharing and God bless!

      • Oh!!!!! I forgot to tell you another AWESOME blessing the Lord gave brother and me… We were able to bring Mom home on Hospice the last 6 days of her life… She passed with me on one side of her bed and my brother on the other… we were holding her hands. The sun was just coming up, the birds (one of her favorite things to watch) were coming to the bird feeder and I was singing Jesus Loves Me to her.

        Amazing grace!!!!!
        (((((((((( Susan ))))))))))

  2. WOW!!!! How very beautiful! Amazing grace indeed!!!

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