Friday Photos: Summer School

The Friday Photos section of the blog has been woefully absent in recent weeks, due to the hectic pace of end-of-school activities.

(Side note: If you have not read this brilliant—and hysterically funny— post by Jen Hatmaker on the end of the year madness, treat yourself to a good belly laugh this morning. You can find it here.).

Today finds us getting ready to take our son to a five week advanced studies program at a boarding school in our state.

Moriah's Party-0001-1-2He took his last final yesterday and with the completion of that test, he was officially a senior. He and some of his friends celebrated by running through the halls of the school and hugging everyone they saw.

I am actually grateful that he is doing this program. I look at it as a mercy, one that will let me ease into the rapidly-approaching day next year when we will drop him off at college in another state. Also, it is by all accounts an incredible program  that has wonderfully enriched the students who have taken part in it in the past.

In typical firstborn fashion, Josh was packed last night. He made the mistake of placing his luggage by the front door…which promptly sent our dog Buddy into a frenzy of fear, whining, and generally gluing himself to our sides, lest we leave him behind.

Within the hour, we will head to the school and get Josh settled in. It will be the first major step on his journey into making his own mark in the world.

Moriah's Party-0039-1
Moriah's Party-0004-1
Moriah's Party-0037-1
Moriah's Party-0014-1
Moriah's Party-0025-1
Moriah's Party-0034-1
Moriah's Party-0044-1
Moriah's Party-0020-1
Moriah's Party-0032-1I will miss my boy, but I am celebrating the fact that he is a confident, talented, and extremely intelligent young man who is about to have a great adventure.

I really hope I don’t cry when it’s time to say goodbye.

It’s a good thing he will only be an hour away.

In the words of Bill Murray’s character Bob Wiley (from one of our favorite movies What About Bob?): “Baby steps.”

That’s what I need.


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