Friday Photos: Evening Stroll

It has been hot as blazes in our part of the country for the past two weeks.

In an act of defiance, my husband and I emerged from the air conditioning to take a stroll (it was much too hot for a walk) down one of the quiet streets in our town.

I took my camera along with me because you never know where you are going to discover beauty.

It turns out, beauty is all around!

Evening Stroll-0006-1
Evening Stroll-0007-1
Evening Stroll-0008-1
Evening Stroll-0011-1
Evening Stroll-0013-1
Evening Stroll-0032-1
Evening Stroll-0026-1
Evening Stroll-0033-1
Evening Stroll-0037-1
Evening Stroll-0040-1Take a moment and search for the beauty right in your neighborhood!

Happy Friday! 🙂



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2 responses to “Friday Photos: Evening Stroll

  1. Su

    Wow ~ beautiful photography, Susan! I sure wish I had your talent….and you didn’t let the oppressive weather get in your way; good for you!

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