Friday Photos: Scenes From a Life

“Enjoy the little things because one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”—Robert Brault

I have recently realized afresh how important the “little” moments are in a life. That being said, here are some of the moments from my own life that I was blessed to recently capture with my beloved camera!

My son Josh playing his oboe in a tree on the day we took his senior pictures…

Josh Senior Pics-0011-1

My daughter Julia at her first volleyball game of the season…

Julia VB -0016-1

Josh and some of his friends in the backyard on a late-summer Saturday night…

Josh & Friends-0098-1

A summer hike…

July Hike 2013-0131-1

July Hike 2013-0156-1

A sunset over the lake…

July Hike 2013-0199-1The beautiful bride from the wedding I shot last weekend…

Pamela's Wedding-0130-1The adorable freckled flower girl…

Pamela's Wedding-0334-1My daughter declaring her first day as a junior in high school to be a grand success…
untitled shoot-0006-1-6

My mom and my son…

Family 2013-0105-1A spectacular sunset right in my own backyard as my Savior paints a masterpiece across the northern sky, beautifully declaring the end of another day full of His astonishing grace…


If you don’t see it all as gift, you end up taking it all for granted.”—Ann Voskamp



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2 responses to “Friday Photos: Scenes From a Life

  1. Su

    Beautiful photos and lovely sentiments, too!

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