2013: Marveling At The Beauty

”Marvel at the beauty of a life intertwined with My Presence.”—Jesus Calling, p. 381

I must admit that I am not sorry to see 2013 go.

It was by far one of the most challenging years that I have ever experienced.

Yet, because I walk with Jesus, the Author of Beauty, there was  dazzling beauty all along that rocky road.

By His grace, He allowed me to capture some of that beauty with my camera…

Josh & Maeghan-0424-1
Josh & Maeghan-0269-1
Mom's Birthday-0026-1
Brown U-0098-2
Julia Europe-0037-1
Family 2013-0009-1
Pamela's Wedding-0130-1
Pamela's Wedding-0334-1
Pamela's Wedding-0308-1
Interlakes Prom-0047-1-2
Nov 7, 2013-0001-1-2
Memorial Day 2013-0023-1
Memorial Day 2013-0171-1
Sandwich Fair 2013-0096-1
Thanksgiving 2013-0121-1
Thanksgiving 2013-0232-1
All States 2013-0007-1
Miller Family-0034-1-2
Victoria and Kids-0024-1
Memorial Day 2013-0592-1
Patsy Clairmont-0140-1
NYC college visit-0398-1
NYC college visit-0006-1
NYC college visit-0015-1
Visit with Duane-0030-1
untitled shoot-0164
Dec 15 2013-0006-1
Dec 21 2013-0004-2
Dec 21 2013-0013-1
Dec 21 2013-0109-1
December Sky-0002-1
APS Grad-0090-1
April J.O. Game-0049-1

All States 2013-0087-1
Winter Concert 2013-0147-1
Turkey Plunge-0008-1
Turkey Plunge-0158-1
Turkey Plunge-0052-1Rainy day & Hayley-0070-1
Bushell Wedding-0284-1Mom's Birthday-0065-1
Mom's Birthday-0084-1
Pgh-vb 2013-0013-1
Pgh-vb 2013-0087-1
Pgh-vb 2013-0099-1

C & E 2013-0006-1
Sandwich Fair 2013-0200-1-2
Christmas 2013-0008-1
Christmas 2013-0098-1
Christmas 2013-0112-1

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”—Brad Paisley



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2 responses to “2013: Marveling At The Beauty

  1. Di Anne

    Susan what a beautiful reflection of this past year. Thanks for sharing it is so good to see such beautiful people and their wonderful smiles. Love you Di Anne

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