The Gift Of Time Vs. The Lure Of Stuff

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Earlier today, a Facebook friend posted the following question:

“If you had a choice of going away for a few days…or replacing a dirty, worn, gross carpet with different flooring in your living room for your anniversary, which would you pick?”

One of her friends almost immediately responded that she and her husband have been married for 22 years and have never gone on a vacation together…but they have a lovely home.

To me, that answer is extremely sad and  represents a terrible trade-off.

As I continued to watch the post, I was shocked at how many people told my friend to buy the carpet and forego the anniversary trip.


Even the most beautiful home will one day fall into dis-repair.  The furnishings within those homes will break and wear out. Nothing stays new and fresh forever.

Our time on this earth is a gift given to us by God. None of us know how long we have or what a day will bring.

I have stood helplessly beside the caskets of my best friend Tracy, who died at the age of 21; my cousin David who was brutally murdered at the age of 46; and my dad who died of a heart attack at age 71.

All of those deaths came suddenly. One moment they were here; the next they had entered into eternity.

This life is a vapor. No one is promised tomorrow.

So when I hear people telling my friend to spend the money on a carpet rather than precious time with her husband, this is just appalling.

Who cares about the new carpet?  A carpet can be replaced at any time. A precious life cannot.

What would you choose?



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6 responses to “The Gift Of Time Vs. The Lure Of Stuff

  1. Karen

    I would most certainly choose the time with my husband. I couldn’t imagine enjoying a new anything if I chose to forsake time with him. I’m so glad you wrote about this. I’ll pray for your friend.

  2. The Elaine

    For years, I chose the carpet b/c my love couldn’t go. Then, the time came when he could go and the carpet had to wait. I’m so glad we could go and I wouldn’t trade those years for all the carpet in the world. Just sayin’.

  3. Marilyn Richmond

    Thank you! Over the past week I have been debating and researching. I am a “Low-income grandmother w/challenges”. My grandson and I began ou adventure seven years ago.We packed up my van with camping gear and hradede “@north” for as long as our money..lasted. We created lots of memories. At one point, Caleb asked if we could do this again next year.My response was that ss long as my health allowed an he wanted to we surely would. My Caleb is 14 nos and we have a 7 years of memories behind us. I do not know what future years bring… but this a trip to the Smokies is in the works

    • Marilyn Richmond

      I am having some challenges with editting what I have written. Please think of my post (above)s a word puzzle. Anyway… thank you for your insliration. Who needs “new carpet”?

    • Thank you for sharing, Marilyn! You have given your grandson memories that will last for his lifetime! Happy trails to you and Caleb!

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