The Beauty Of Easter

Each year, our church hosts a sunrise service at the parsonage on Easter morning.

Easter 2014-0006There is such a sense of excitement as we climb the driveway. The birds are singing and the sky is just beginning to lighten.

The long Saturday has given way to Sunday…and the world feels new!

We greet each other joyfully. Smiles abound and faces glow.

Just as the sun begins to peek over the mountains, we begin to sing.

Easter 2014-0099The people in the valley below have grown accustomed to being awakened every Easter by  the sound of our voices ringing through the morning air.

Once the singing is finished, our pastor takes his place in front of the crowd and opens his Bible.

Easter 2014-0079
Easter 2014-0106
Easter 2014-0127Easter 2014-0118Hearing that familiar yet astonishing story of the empty tomb never fails to move me to tears.

Because of Easter…

*there is eternal hope.

* EVERYTHING we will ever need was secured for us.

* we have access to God Himself and can call ourselves the Bride of Christ.

* JOY reigns.

*we are totally secure, regardless of our circumstances.

*light triumphed over darkness

*death was forever conquered

*Jesus offers us the beautiful and awe-inspiring invitation to walk through this life with Him, every moment alive with divine purpose, sacred mystery, fierce love, and magnificent, breathtaking grace!


Easter 2014-0087




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