Weekend Moment:Disney Memories

Since my part of the country got over six inches of snow today, I decided to take a  trip down memory lane to a warmer and sunnier time: specifically to June 2004, when we took the kids to Disney for the first time. Josh was eight, Julia was seven and my mom and brother joined in the fun.

We provided the kids with autograph books, just as my parents had done for me back in the 70s, and they were immediately on the hunt. Goofy was spotted first:

Followed by Chip and Dale:

They were both excited to see Pluto:

Julia then ran into Captain Hook and Smee, the pirate. Captain Hook would have been terrifying to me as a seven year old, but Julia was unfazed. She marched right up to him, with autograph  book outstretched…and he stole it and wouldn’t give it back! She danced all around, trying to jump and grab it, but he held it just out of reach, laughing all the while. I would have cried for my mommy, but she needed no such help. She just giggled and kept saying, “Give it back, Captain Hook!” He finally relented, signed her book, and handed it back to her. As soon as it was back in her hands, she hightailed it out of there:

Smee followed her, clearly trying to make amends for Hook’s boorish behavior:

After giving her his autograph, he gave her a friendly nose squeeze before she went on her way:

After all that, some time with Grandma was in order:

Meanwhile, Josh decided to take a drive with Uncle Jeff:

While Julia met Brer Bear:

Then it was her turn to take a drive with Daddy:

She even had time to flash a quick smile for the camera:

After a fun-filled day at the park, we headed back to our hotel, which was based on all the old Disney movies:

And Julia needed some serious down time:

We were there for three days and it was absolutely wonderful. Disney truly is the happiest place on earth. 🙂


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  1. Karen

    AGREED! Absolutely love that place!

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