Seize The Day

Last week, I saw an episode of Oprah that deeply touched me.

A woman named Erin Kramp was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago when her only daughter Peyton was six years old.

Even as she received treatment for the disease that sought to take her life, she went into action. Knowing that she might not be able to watch her beloved  daughter grow into adulthood, Erin began to make literally hundreds of videos for Peyton. Her advice covered everything from what to look for in a spouse to how to apply makeup. In addition, she wrote letters and wrapped presents for Peyton to open on each birthday and Christmas.

What. a. precious. gift.

The fierce, deep love of this mother took my breath away and I could not stop the tears.

I could not imagine looking into the faces of my children, knowing that I would not be there to share their lives with them.

After the show, I had to leave to pick up my son from track practice. On the drive there, I realized this great truth and wonderful joy: I get to do this!

I get to be a mom to these two wonderful redheads!

I get to enjoy their company as I drive them to their various activities.

I get to listen to their hopes, dreams, and struggles.

I get to share the years with them…offering guidance and a listening ear, celebrating milestones, and enjoying the people they are becoming.

It is such a wonderful, amazing privilege to be a mom.

Erin Kramp didn’t have the luxury of watching her child grow up, but she left an incredible legacy. When Oprah asked her husband Doug what Erin would want to say if she was still on this earth, his answer was profound:

“Have a sense of urgency about your life. Live very moment to the fullest—you don’t know how long you will be here.”

I have known for many years now that I am not promised tomorrow. My family and I went out to dinner tonight and I fully entered into those moments. There was nothing monumental about the evening, but we were all together, sharing laughter and all that had happened to us that day.

I get to live this life…and I love it.

There are no ordinary days.



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4 responses to “Seize The Day

  1. The Elaine

    By the grace of God, my life is so full! I enjoy every day with those I love and most of all thank God for all he has blessed me with to enjoy each day.

  2. Jackie

    Driving my teenage son places is one of my favorite things; a real joy! We have time to chat and catch up and share each others choice of music as we ride along.

  3. amy

    What an amazing mom…I always wonder about what I am leaving them if I were to be gone tomorrow…I always wonder if I’ve done enough. I am blessed to listen to my little boys conversations today…and hope to hear many many more as they grow up…and hope they will be talking to me when they are teenagers…

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