A Sweet Surprise

Last week, at the age of 76, my mom proved that it is never too late to seize the day.
 Josh’s high school band was going to New York City, followed by a ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.

Hershey is a four hour drive from my mom’s place. She debated back and forth whether or not she should go and surprise Josh. He is her first grandchild and they have always shared a special bond. She hadn’t seen him since Christmas.

My mom is not an “out-of-the- box, spur-of-the-moment” type of person. She likes clear guidelines, organization, and a scheduled calendar. Doing something like this was way out of her comfort zone.

Finally, she decided to go for it. She knows that life is short and we are not promised tomorrow.

So, armed with Josh’s cell phone number, she and her friend (and fellow adventurer) Mary Ellen set off down the highway.

Surprises come with risks and for awhile there, it looked as if she had traveled all that way for nothing.

But then….


I love the look on my mom’s face! It is a look of pure joy. She told me that at the moment Josh took the photo, she was exclaiming, “I did it!”

She would have missed this moment if she had decided to play it safe and stay home.

Instead, she and Josh shared a memory that they will never forget. They were able to spend an hour together, sharing ice cream and laughter before Josh continued the day at the park with his friends.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box today…get out there and make a memory! 🙂

Seize life!…God takes pleasure in your pleasure…Each day is God’s gift…make the most of each one! Whatever turns up, grab it and do it! And heartily! This is your last and only chance at it. —Ecc. 9:7-10 (The Message)



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2 responses to “A Sweet Surprise

  1. Destiny


    You continue to inspire!

    The last time I navigated the parking lot at Chocolate World/Hershey Park, I had to take a pill!

    You just can’t put a price tag on having made this kind of memory — it’s invaluable; today and tomorrow!


  2. Sarah

    Love it !!! How wonderful!!!

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