Polished and Snazzy vs. Broken and Real

Yesterday, I read a beautifully written blog post that had a powerful impact on me.

The author had spent the previous weekend at a small retreat (participants were limited to 75) and she described the event as follows:

“This was not a polished, snazzy event. This was three creative women who know their brokenness standing nervously in front of the rest of us singing their songs and telling their stories. Why would they do that? They did it so that the rest of us would see both our brokenness and our giftedness; so that we would frame our lives and see them as art; so that we would steward our gifts; so that we, broken leaky vessels would anoint the world with the fragrance of Christ.” 

The blogger’s photos showed a lovely outdoor setting with a plain wooden cross at the edge of a body of water. The singer and the speaker were dressed simply…no frills, no glamour.

How I would have loved to have been there!

The world—and even fellow believers—do not need polished and snazzy. Polished and snazzy rarely points anyone to Jesus because polished and snazzy tends to glorify the speaker and his/her accomplishments…not Jesus, who accomplished the only thing that truly matters in all of life (Matthew 20:28).

The Bible describes us humans as  jars of clay that hold the incomparable treasure of Christ’s Spirit :  “We now have this Light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great Treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.” (2 Corinthians 4:7).

When I did the “Experiencing God” study, Henry Blackaby made the point that the book of Genesis was not about a man named Abraham…it was about how God worked in the life of a man named Abraham. Big difference.

I loved that these women came to this retreat just as they were…not as experts, not as those who had it all together…just willing to humbly share their experiences with Jesus.

You and I are called to do the same thing. We have been given the immense privilege to know and walk with  the risen Jesus! All we need to do is open our mouths and speak about what He means to us; the miracles He has done in our lives (and don’t say you don’t have any miracles to share…your salvation alone is a miracle!); the ways He has redeemed and restored our broken places.

You are a unique, one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-repeated person. You have been created in the image of God and are precious to Him. And you have been given an amazing assignment (Matthew 28:18-20).  It is no accident that the people in your life are there. They are your mission field.

All Jesus asks is that you tell them about Him in a way that only you can…respectfully, gently, and always with love. Just be real. Be honest. We are all broken in some way…but you know the Healer.

You are not responsible for their response.

You have a story.

All He asks is that you go and tell it.


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  1. Destiny

    Great post. Today I’m tending to, and loving on, the mission field the Lord has called me to — right in my own home!
    ox, me

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