Weekend Moment: Lion Country Safari

During our last summer in south Florida in 2007, we went to visit Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach. Since Julia has always been an animal lover, being this close to all these wild animals was a dream come true for her.

As you enter the park, they give you a CD, which helpfully tells you about each animal as you slowly drive by.

Our journey through the park got off to a rocky start, however…when this ostrich decided he did  not want want us to proceed any further. He spied our van and began moving purposefully toward us. And he didn’t look happy:

He moved closer until he was right up against our windshield and after taking a moment to carefully inspect it, he must have decided that he did not like what he saw…because he began to angrily peck at at it. This went on for several minutes. I swear he was glaring at us. Eventually, he tired of us and finally moved on, allowing us to gingerly move forward into the park.

We dutifully listened to the CD as we passed the lions, who lounged lazily in the sunshine.

And then we came upon this rhino…and were so fascinated that it was standing right next to the road that we turned off the CD and marveled. We could have reached out and touched it, but we settled for just  taking a picture:

He ignored us so we turned the CD  back on and moved forward….only to hear this:

Under no circumstances should you stop your vehicle when driving by the rhinos. They are easily startled and can overturn your vehicle.”


We kept the windows up and did not stop for the rest of the drive.

Baby zebra


Swinging monkey


A turtle that has no common sense

We then moved on to the section of the park where you could walk around and visited the exotic bird area:

We were also able to get up  close and personal with the giraffes and feed them. They are so gentle:

Julia had an unwelcome encounter with a bear:

Before we left the park, we rode some rides:

This was the moment when Josh decided that he does NOT like heights:

We were nearly out of the park when Julia got nabbed by a dinosaur:

That day was absolutely wonderful…we hope one day to go on a real safari in Africa! Until then, we’ll always have the south Florida version. 🙂



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2 responses to “Weekend Moment: Lion Country Safari

  1. What a great adventure. Fun and excitement in all photos.

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