Weekend Moment: Milton The Moose

And now for something completely silly…

I love moose.

I live in the mountains where they are (supposedly) plentiful, yet I have never seen one.

As a consolation, my friends sometimes send me a stuffed moose. I have amassed quite the collection at this point, a growing testimony to my sad lack of moose sightings.

A few months ago, my dear friend Destiny sent me a moose for the dashboard of my car. I immediately named him Milton and installed him in my Honda Pilot (who I have named Max. Are you sensing a theme?). I got him just in time for our trip back home to Pittsburgh.  At one point, I was bored during the long drive so I decided to take a photo of Milton:

I call it “Moose On The Open Road.”

He is quite handsome; wouldn’t you agree?

Doug suggested that I have Milton accompany us  on our trip and include him in all the places we visit. I loved the idea.

So, as a result, I completely embarrassed my children by pulling Milton out of my purse at every opportunity. 🙂

Below are some of Milton’s travels as he saw Pittsburgh for the first time:

This is Milton at the lake with family on his first day of vacation. Clearly, I was struggling with figuring out how to focus properly with my camera but you get the idea. Notice the “she’s-crazy-but-we-love-her” smiles on the faces of my loved ones:

Milton enjoyed being near the water:

He indulged his sweet tooth at the local ice cream place:

It was easy for him to imagine himself gliding over the water in this sweet ride:

After leaving Ohio, Milton traveled to West Virginia. I was a little slow on the uptake with the camera…

At Cabela’s, Milton found one of his own…

Food is very important to Milton…especially indulging his sweet tooth. One of his favorites is the incomparable Bethel Bakery cupcakes:

He also enjoys the occasional (or twelve) Krispy Kreme donut…

Don’t judge him. Whom amongst us has not dived into a box of these once or twice?

Or maybe it’s just me.

Native Pittsburghers love their Eat-n-Park. While not a native, Milton is a fan:

So many choices!

Milton finally settled on ordering the strawberry pie:

A trip to downtown Pittsburgh to walk off all those calories was in order:

This is Milton riding the incline down the mountain into the city. (Our car was packed with people and my kids could not contain their mortification when I pulled Milton out of my purse to take this photo :))…

The following day found Milton posing proudly with Washington and Jefferson (as in George and Thomas) at W & J College:

Followed by a trip to Ikea… Coolest.Furniture.Store.Ever…

All in all, Milton had a delightful trip to the Steel City. He looks forward to traveling more in the future and I’m sure he will be happy to share photos of his upcoming travels. Until then, he leaves you with this…

(Thank you for indulging me with all this silliness. This is what is commonly known as “writer’s block 🙂 ).

Have a great weekend everyone!



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9 responses to “Weekend Moment: Milton The Moose

  1. Denise

    Silliness, I think not…this is just what I needed on a dreary Saturday…laugh out loud joy at sharing Milton’s travels with you and your family. How I would love a road trip with you because you squeeze every ounce of joy out of life and you are FUNNY!



  2. Destiny

    Flat Stanley is out … Milton is in!
    And … because riding the Incline in Chattanooga is and has been one of my favorite things to do for thirty years now, I just love that Milton got to go for a ride. More than that though, I adore the fact that despite J&J’s humiliation you pulled him out anyway. Why should our kids have all of the fun? ox, me

  3. Karen Prevost

    I didn’t realize how tiny Milton was till i saw him near the cupcake and in the donut! I would have just as much fun being with you and Milton! Glad he was part of the adventure, oh and you, writers block, no way!

  4. Jenn C

    This is great – you have Bob the banana for when people visit you, and Milton for when you visit others. Well, it’s great and a little crazy. And I love it.

  5. carrie.constant@gmail.com

    You’re HILARIOUS 🙂

  6. Jackie

    He is adorable. I love it! Too bad he is not bigger. What fun is an outing with our kids if we can’t embarrass them a little? 🙂

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