Milton Takes Manhattan

Milton has been to the Big Apple and lived to tell the tale.

Like any good vacationer, Milton began the trip with some shopping at Stamford Town Center in Connecticut. A moose has got to look good, you know.

So many choices.

In the end, Milton decided to travel light. After all, it’s hard to improve on his snazzy blue ascot.

Finally, the big moment arrived and Milton found himself in Grand Central Station:

Milton felt right at home with the hustle and bustle all around him. He was just another world traveler with places to go and people to see.

His first order of business was to hail a taxi, which was easy to do.

The next few minutes were among the scariest Milton had ever endured. His entire life passed before his eyes as the taxi driver careened through the busy streets of Manhattan.

Milton wanted to ask where this man had learned to drive. The Autobahn? It must be so. He was driving 120 mph and inventing his own lanes!

However, all was forgotten when he set foot outside that blasted taxi and took in the sight of the Rockefeller Christmas tree, which is 74 feet tall this year.

Milton spotted this statue across the street:

He  felt a strong kinship.

Times Square was like nothing Milton had ever seen…

His new life’s goal is to figure out a way to get on a billboard there. Imagine Milton magnified on a 300 ft. tall billboard for all to see! He has several ideas that he is ready to pitch to any advertising execs out there: men’s cologne? rugged outdoor wear? Calvin Klein underwear? The possibilities are endless, really.

That evening, Milton was utterly captivated by the talent of the Radio City Rockettes.

However, he did think that the show could use a little moose. Why not him? He can kick up his heels with the best of them!

All this excitement made for one tired Milton. And this was only his first day in the city! He was thankful to sink into the 1500 thread count sheets of the Waldorf. Nothing but the best!

The rest of his trip passed by in a blur…

He experienced a little culture at the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center…

He took a fancy carriage ride through Central Park…

…indulged his sweet tooth at Dylan’s Candy Bar…

(Can you spot him atop this mountain of candy?)

…rode the subway…

…consumed copious amounts of coffee…

…enjoyed stunning views of the city…

…and thoroughly enjoyed living in the lap of luxury…

All too soon, the magic ended and it was time to board the train and leave…

 So long, Big Apple! You haven’t seen the last of Milton!


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