If you do nothing else today, please take the time to read this article and watch the short video at the end.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything so heartbreakingly beautiful in my entire life. I sit here with tears streaming down my face, absolutely amazed that I have just seen the unconditional love and power of Jesus Christ on display in a way I have never seen it before.

I have been painfully humbled by my shortsightedness, by my sometimes petty concerns, by my frequent lack of an eternal perspective when I allow the tyranny of the urgent to eclipse what really matters.

On a day when the subject of marriage is in the national news, this is a shining and glorious example of the exquisite beauty of a Christ-centered marriage.

“When God stands as a witness to the covenant promises of a marriage it becomes more than a merely human agreement. God is not a passive bystander at a wedding ceremony. In effect, He says, ‘I have seen this, I confirm it, and I record it in Heaven. And I bestow upon this covenant by My Presence and My purpose the dignity of being an image of of My own covenant with My Wife, the church.’ ” —John Piper


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  1. ~marg~

    Thank you for sharing, Susan! I shared it on FB!

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