Dancing In The Rain

Photo credit: punkmarkgirl

Since my blog is called “The Power Of A Moment” I am always on the lookout for moments that reach out and grab me by the heart and don’t let go.

Between that and counting my 1000 gifts, it makes life a wonderful adventure and fills me with joy.

I witnessed one such moment last week. I pulled up to the high school entrance to wait for my son to finish jazz band practice. At that very moment, the sky opened up and the rain began to fall.

Seeing movement from the corner of my eye, I glanced down at the football field to see about 20 teenagers. The rain had clearly interrupted whatever they had been doing. However, rather than running for cover from the raindrops they…danced.

Every single one of them.

Their arms were open wide, faces upturned to catch the raindrops. They twirled with joyful abandon.  They locked arms and skipped round and round. They ran the length of the football field and made it look as effortless as if they were being carried by the wind. I slightly lowered my window and could hear the sound of their laughter wafting up the hill to fill my car.

I was transfixed and wished I had my camera with me to capture the moment. (I really need to just take it with me everywhere I go at this point!).

It was a moment of such joy, such freedom, such playfulness that it made my heart sing.

Why do we lose that? When do we begin to look at the rain that falls literally and figuratively in our lives and always run for cover rather than fully embracing the moment and allowing our spirits to soar?

No, life is not always fun and storms do come. Yet in the midst, if we look hard enough…there is joy to be found. Just a sliver of light to pierce the darkness. Gratitude for even the smallest grace.

“Whenever thanks is possible, joy is possible.”—Ann Voskamp

The next time it rains, I will remember that scene on the football field. And I just may leave my umbrella at home. 🙂

dance in the rain


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  1. peaceforthejourney

    A beautiful reminder to dance freely, even in the wet. Arms wide-open, laughter on the lips, and feet willing to move to the rhythm of the rain! A lovely picture to hold in my heart as well. Thanks!

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