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I am fired up.

Something was brought to my attention on Monday that really got me seriously evaluating things.

I happened to be leafing through the latest copy of People magazine that afternoon while my son had his dentist appointment and I saw an article on Tom Cruise. He  spoke in detail about how he  prepared to play a rock star in his newest movie, Rock Of Ages.

“I’ve never sung professionally,” says the 49-year old star. “I approached it the way I learned race car driving or some stunt where you develop that part of your body.” Develop it he did, plunging into about 10 hours a day of intensive voice and movement training…for 4 1/2 months….Choreographer Mia Michaels’ routine with the actor also included  push ups and ab work….Cruise perfected his voice by singing nothing but scales for nearly three months. ‘His core strength is tremendous,’ says (his vocal coach). ‘You never see a great singer who isn’t a great athlete.'”

Ten hours a day.

To practice for a movie role.

I closed the magazine, my thoughts swirling.

You know what my pervasive thought was?

Tom Cruise puts a lot of Christians to shame.

When was the last time you pursued Christ and His kingdom with the kind of passion that Tom Cruise showed for his movie role?

Do you possess his  tremendous discipline, laser-like focus, and single-minded purpose?

No? Me neither.

(If you answered yes to those questions, I salute you :)).

Too often—despite my best intentions—I find it too easy to drift through a day. I want to dig into a personal summer Bible study, yet I allow the tyranny of the urgent to take precedence and the day slips away.  I want to get in better shape, yet I have found it easy to push the snooze button rather than get up and work out. I find it too easy to bypass my to-do list and read a book.


I don’t want to live my life like that anymore. I want to live with purpose and intention.

If this man ( who is not a believer) has that type of purpose and drive, how can I (who has the Spirit of the risen Christ living in my heart),  meander through my life, not meeting daily goals?  Saying things like, “It’s just too hard.” Whining that I wish I were in better shape, but not making wise nutritional choices or taking the time to work out? Singing the words, “I’m desperate for You” in church, yet not reaching for my Bible first thing in the morning because life is so busy?

So, I made some changes. Jesus deserves my BEST. I have always known that but I needed a reminder.

I am meeting with Jesus every morning first thing. He is my very life, my very breath. I am digging into that Bible study. I am getting up early every morning to work out. I am making wise nutritional choices. I am working my way through a list of things I need to do…and doing them with excellence.

No more drifting.

Matthew 16:27 asks, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” —(Matthew 16:27).

Tom Cruise personifies this verse.

Unfortunately, he is a passionate devotee of Scientology. He has been bold enough to proselytise about the cult to the extent that it harmed his reputation and cost him work.

He is zealous to share a lie. Sincere, but sincerely wrong.

Pray for him. While his drive and success are admirable, the bottom line is that he is a lost soul who is pouring his very life into things that will not last for eternity.

Where is our boldness as Christians?

Do we zealously guard our own reputations more than we are concerned with God’s glory and reaching the lost?

We know the TRUTH.

This is not a game. People are dying without Christ everyday while we tiptoe around, fearful of  being offensive.

Tears come to my eyes when I think about the loved ones who populate my life who do not know the beautiful and all-encompassing love of Jesus. I have shared Him with some of them but not with others.

No more.

I will share as I am led to by His Spirit, swallowing my fear and calling on His courage to open my mouth and share the words of LIFE.

I have this one life to live and I will live it with purpose rather than aimlessness.

I will live to get as close to my Savior as I can. I will  pray my heart out. If there is something in my life that I do not like, I will change it.   I will make wise choices. I will do what needs to be done. I will not make excuses. I will not whine and wish, but praise and plan.

There is no time to waste. He has work for us to do here. We are not promised tomorrow.

Do what you need to do today.

No more drifting.



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  1. Su Geiger

    Well I’m sure motivated! Thanks so much, Susan!

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