Bye Bye Betsy

Back in 1998, my brother Jeff purchased a new Ford Ranger.

He had taken our dad with him in case he needed back-up with all the haggling but he did just fine on his own. Driving home in his new truck with Dad is one of Jeff’s most treasured memories. He was so happy to have shared that experience with the man who was not only his father but also his best friend.

My kids, Josh and Julia, adored that truck (Jeff eventually named her Betsy). They loved riding around in the back (at slow speeds on the dead end street of our childhood home), watching fireworks while perched in chairs atop the bed of the truck when we lived in Florida, and listening spellbound as Jeff spun stories while they sat in the cab under a darkening summer sky.

The years rolled by and Betsy served Jeff well in Pennsylvania, South Florida, and New Hampshire. However, by this summer she had well over 100,o00 miles on her and it was time for Jeff to buy a new vehicle.

Our kids took the news hard. They have moved around a lot in their young lives, so change is not always easy for them. They cherish the things that remain the same and Betsy held a lot of wonderful memories for them.

Nevertheless, Jeff purchased his new Jeep and the night before he picked it up, he drove Betsy over to the house for the last time.

My two teenagers eagerly took him up on his offer to take one more (slow and cautious) spin around the cul-de-sac in the back of Betsy.

The next day, Betsy was traded in for a Jeep named Rudy.

Let the new memories begin. 🙂


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