Fourth Of July Festivities

Our Independence Day celebration took place over two days this year.

On Tuesday evening, our son played in a holiday concert in a nearby town.

Right before the fireworks began, we all sang the Star Spangled Banner. There is something incredibly moving about thousands of people singing our national anthem under a summer sky. I get chills every time.

The land of the free and the home of the brave. There is no greater country on the face of this earth.

The fireworks were amazing but rather than fuss with my camera and try to capture it, I just sat back and enjoyed the show.

This morning dawned rainy and cloudy but it soon gave way to sunshine.

Josh was to participate in a parade at 2:00. He and his band were playing holiday music on a flatbed truck. I love seeing how his eyes shine when he grabs his oboe and music and heads out the door, anxious to play the instrument that has become an extension of him.

Our plan was to attend the fireworks tonight by the lake in our town…but just as we were leaving, the skies opened up.

The storm was sudden and ferocious, complete with driving rain, hail, and lightning. We were forced to wait it out in the car. Once the rain slowed and then stopped, the kids hopped out of the car and ran into the garage. They emerged with big smiles and Doug and I burst out laughing when we saw that they had playfully donned flotation devices. 🙂

What happened next absolutely delighted me…our kids seized the day.

Rather than be bummed out that we were no longer headed to the firworks, they did this:

A playful, light-hearted moment.

Doug and I loved it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating our magnificent country!


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