Beware Of The Dream-Busters

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Be careful who you share your dreams with.

Has Jesus ever whispered one of His dreams for your life into your  heart?

(Note: I am not talking about a dream of your own that you decide to stamp with what you hope to be God’s approval. I am talking about the kind of dream that grows after He plants an absolute passion in your soul for something that will honor and glorify Him).

Did the very thought of living that dream with Him  fill you with joy and excitement? Has the thought of Him being able to use you on your little plot on planet Earth overwhelmed you with gratitude and caused you to pour forth praise to His glorious Name?

Have you, in your exhilaration and enthusiasm run to share that dream with someone close to you…only to have their eyes regard you with skepticism and doubt? To take the proverbial pin and burst your bubble? To immediately list the reasons why that dream won’t possibly work? To remind you of all you don’t have?

This type of person will attempt to drain every bit of joy from you in order to yank you down to the level at which they live: that gray, colorless place where miracles are not experienced, where eyesight is sadly and willfully limited to this earthly plane, and faith is not active and vibrant.

They are “ever-seeing but never perceiving and ever-hearing but never understanding” (Mark 4:12).

Beware of the people who cannot…or will not…look at this world through eyes of faith in the Creator and Sustainer of all things.. The people who, despite so much evidence to the contrary, are bound and determined to judge reality by only the things that they can see, the things that are possible with man, and the things that make sense to their limited perspective.

Do not be quick to share your God-given dreams with people like that.

NOTHING is impossible with our great and magnificent God. Nothing.

If He has given you a Christ-exalting dream, move forward in step-by-step obedience, trusting Him to fill in the details as you go.

Watch to see what He will do.

Let your vibrant, faith-filled, Jesus-saturated  life speak powerfully to those who would speak discouragement to you.

Your Savior is never discouraged, never defeated, never at a loss. Let HIM encourage you. Don’t rely too heavily on the opinion of man.

Follow Him..and know joy and abundance in ways you never dreamed possible.


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