Friday Photos: Bob Houses

Every February, my town sponsors an ice fishing contest.

It is a huge deal.

During the last week of January, the bob houses begin to appear all over the lake. (The bob houses are so named because they bob in the water if they go through the ice).

Before the madness of the contest began, I walked down to the lake and was able to snap some photos. Enjoy!

Bob Houses-0105-1

Bob Houses-0006-1

Bob Houses-0010-1

Bob Houses-0012-1
Bob Houses-0014-1

Bob Houses-0011-1 Bob Houses-0082-1

On the other side of the lake, some families were taking the opportunity to practice their ice skating…

Bob Houses-0030-1
Bob Houses-0067-1
Bob Houses-0087-1
Bob Houses-0089-1
Bob Houses-0096-1
Bob Houses-0099-1
Bob Houses-0103-1“The problem with winter sports is that—follow me closely here– they generally take place in winter.” —Dave Barry



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3 responses to “Friday Photos: Bob Houses

  1. The Elaine

    Love the bob houses. Too darn cute!

    • Aren’t they though? I especially liked the one with all the little bushes around it! 🙂 The Fishing Derby is the only thing that hasn’t been canceled in NH due to this blizzard. They are a tough bunch! I hope to get down after the snow stops to take some more photos!

  2. Su

    What a nice taste of winter life in Meredith. Thanks for sharing your photos!

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