Friday Photos: A Spring Day In My Town

The Friday Photos post has been woefully neglected  the past couple weeks, the result of a very busy spring schedule.

Now that things have (temporarily) slowed down, here goes…

This is my son and his girlfriend, who graciously agreed to do a photo shoot with me to celebrate their one-year anniversary. We were at the lake on a gorgeous spring evening and this was one of my favorites. I do love the sweetness and the promise of young love.

Josh & Maeghan-0424-1

This was taken the same day. It speaks to me of the upcoming summer and the deliciously good times ahead.

Josh & Maeghan-0269-1

Spring was in full bloom…

Josh & Maeghan-0008-1

Josh & Maeghan-0024-1And laughter was abundant because my oldest friend in the world had come to visit. We grew up next door to each other and only my husband knows me better. I adore him. Here he is with my mom, who is like his second mother…just as his dear mom was to me.

Josh & Maeghan-0017-1He, my mom and my brother spent the afternoon together, reliving old memories and sharing present blessings. It was such a joy.

Josh & Maeghan-0006-1
I love this town.

And I love my life.


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