Friday Photos: Scenes From A Wedding

“Love is like a friendship caught on fire.”—Jeremy Taylor

I love weddings.

I especially love having the joy and privilege of capturing the special moments of a couple’s most magical day with my camera.

Here are a couple of scenes from a wedding I shot recently with a friend. It was a wonderful day.

Pamela's Wedding-0048-1

Pamela's Wedding-0122-1
Pamela's Wedding-0168-1
Pamela's Wedding-0145-1
Pamela's Wedding-0176-1-2

Pamela's Wedding-0240-1

Pamela's Wedding-0230-1

Pamela's Wedding-0244-1

Pamela's Wedding-0233-1

Pamela's Wedding-0238-1

Pamela's Wedding-0289-1

Pamela's Wedding-0308-1


Pamela's Wedding-0427-1

Pamela's Wedding-0447-1

Pamela's Wedding-0493-1
Pamela's Wedding-0528-1
Pamela's Wedding-0562-1
Pamela's Wedding-0632-1
Pamela's Wedding-0001-1-3
Pamela's Wedding-0855-1
Pamela's Wedding-0842-1
Pamela's Wedding-0822-1
Pamela's Wedding-0968-1“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” —Anonymous


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