Friday Photos: God’s Glory

Then Moses said, “Now show me Your glory.”

I have been praying that same prayer for a week now.

And He has answered. 🙂

Nov 7, 2013-0001-1-2
Nov 7, 2013-0075-1
Seacoast Marathon-0003-1
Seacoast Marathon-0087-1
Seacoast Marathon-0252-1
Oct 2013-0013-1
Oct 2013-0028-1
Oct 2013-0086-1
Oct 16 2013-0002-1
Seacoast Marathon-0167-1
Seacoast Marathon-0212-1

Seacoast Marathon-0293-1
Seacoast Marathon-0294-1

Wolfeboro-0025-1-2“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ask to see His  glory…today and everyday,

You will be changed.

You will be amazed.

You will live your life in wonder.


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